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    Geos Nordic

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    The staircases and steps from Geos Nordic

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Our company

Geos Nordic OÜ is a large-scale production, which since 2003 includes its own concrete and, since 2012, granite plants. The company was born as an investment project of a management team of Geos Tek, which has been successfully operating in the market of granite and concrete products since 2002. Since as early as 2004, we have become a major supplier of staircases made of washed concrete and Terrazzo staircases to many construction sites in Estonia and Scandinavia. Five years later, we developed granite production, delivering not only concrete, but also granite elements for outdoor and indoor staircases to large-scale and private construction sites.

Our capacity

The most important resources of Geos Nordic OÜ are a sizable machine pool, professional workers trained in the best plants in Europe, well-established contacts with foreign quarries and extensive experience in the creation of mass and individual granite and concrete products. All this allows us to meet even the most complicated wishes of private customers and large business clients practically without any restrictions in color scale and structural and technical nuances.

Product range

We are pleased to offer you a wide range of products of several concrete and granite types. For you: tools and furniture for park and urban development, curbs, paving slabs, as well as design items and outdoor amenities, solutions for berths, structural elements, exterior and interior decoration elements, as well as elements for decorating and embodying any bold designer fantasies.

Our site is an online store of staircases with a calculator, with which you can calculate the cost of a future staircase yourself. If you need a staircase, here you can order and buy finished models, custom-built staircases, precast and modular versions, entrance spaces and staircases to the second floor, design of staircase systems, components, elements and details of staircases. Manufacturing and installation of staircases is one of our specializations, in which we have more than 20 years' experience. Call us and get a quick and competent answer!

  • It has a noble, majestic appearance and a high degree of decorativeness, due to which it fits perfectly into any interior style. The mirror surface of polished granite creates an illusion of increasing space. It does not require special care and is convenient for removing dirt.


  • The Geos Antique surface is obtained following the special processing of granite creating on it a three-dimensional, slightly porous finish. At the same time, the natural, original, shade of the material is perfectly reproduced. This material makes it possible to manufacture products of any purpose and of various shapes. Slip-resistant. Beautiful and unique.


  • Granite undergone special heat processing acquires a distinctly porous surface, which has an increased resistance to slipping. Therefore, this type is best suited for steps of external staircases in countries, which climate is characterized by precipitation in the form of rain and snow.


  • This material has a rough surface, because its composition includes chips of natural material. As a result, high resistances to slipping and long-term preservation of products are guaranteed. It is widely used for outdoor staircases and designer products.


  • It has a special appearance due to a smooth polished surface with inclusions of colored natural stones. This effect is achieved by milling the top layer and subsequent processing. It is most often used indoors.


  • It is conventional concrete, not undergone additional processing, which has a classic appearance. Its use is not limited by outdoor and indoor spaces: a long line of products can be made of ordinary concrete – from conventional structural elements to designer know-hows.