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Stone staircase

Stone staircase Geos NordicGranite is beautiful by nature. But this is not the only reason why people like granite staircases or staircases with granite steps. This stone is durable and strong, resistant to cold and moisture, as well as to abrasion. Here are the main advantages of granite, because of which it is actively used for finishing facades and staircases.

Granite can have a different surface: polished or rough; it all depends on the selected treatment. For outdoor use, in the middle and northern latitudes, an uneven surface is often chosen, because it perfectly resists slipping. There is also an option of the polished surface with narrow chamfers along the step to increase grip between the sole and the step. The main thing when choosing a stone staircase is to understand the goals that the future staircase should serve, as well as the passability in order to choose the right material thickness.

Granite, as a natural stone, has many colors and shades that can fit into any architectural and interior solutions. Its appearance is classically noble and always modern. Even the most unimpressive staircase, when finished with granite, acquires a new life and looks luxurious. There is no such objective, where the aesthetics of granite will be inorganic. We have been working with granite for more than 20 years and we know exactly how to make a stone staircase that will change the look of your city, work or living space. Calculate your granite staircase with an online calculator or contact us for advice!