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Staircases for entrances

Staircases for entrances Geos NordicWe know that staircases for entrances to high-rise buildings are often made of concrete. This is due to several factors: concrete is practical, reliable, resistant to ignition during a fire and much safer than other materials. It also perfectly solves the problem of arranging stair flights and spaces with a split-level layout of apartments in the building.

When designing a staircase, it is necessary to take into account all the features of a building, to use the space of an entrance as rationally as possible, to ensure safety and convenience of access to the staircase from each apartment, as well as to provide special descents for children and wheelchairs. Therefore sometimes a staircase consists not only of flights and platforms, but also of additional corridors leading to apartments. The simplest solution, when one staircase connects all apartments, is more cost-effective, though.

A number of special requirements are applied to staircases in high-rise buildings, which should be taken into account, when planning a building. Fire safety rules limit the distance from any apartment door (usually the most distant one is taken into account) to the staircase – it should not exceed 30 meters; in case the central corridor diverges from the staircase in different directions, this distance is reduced to 20 meters. An entrance staircase must be well lit and equipped with a ventilation system. This also increases the safety of moving along it.

For an entrance staircase, a reinforced concrete structure, a precast or block structure, consisting of elements, suit best. We have been manufacturing stairs for entrances for more than 20 years and are ready to offer a large selection of well-proven models or to develop an individual design of an entrance reinforced concrete staircase. You only need to contact us and indicate your wishes.