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Precast staircases

Precast staircases Geos NordicSpeaking of precast staircases, we need to remember all the advantages of concrete, because precast staircases are concrete structures, most often, reinforced ones. Therefore, all characteristics of concrete are automatically transferred to them: practicality, fire safety, resistance to cold, heat, sunlight, precipitation and loads, acceptability for any designer style and durability. In addition, concrete mixes can include various decorative additions that can make a simple concrete staircase truly beautiful and even exquisite!

Precast staircases are inserted structures, so they have a number of features that should be taken into account at the ordering stage. First, this type of staircases has a significant weight, so it needs a foundation and strong walls of the room. As a rule, precast structures are used in buildings with openings, constructed of concrete, bricks or other materials with high strength characteristics.

Second, during installation, it will not be possible to avoid "wet" jobs, which affects the construction time. In order to observe the drying technology, moving along a precast staircase will not be possible for a while. When installing a precast structure, it's just 2-3 days, but if such a staircase be constructed by builders on site, then the drying will take up to 28 days. Third, the installation is labor-intensive and is carried out only with using special machinery. Some believe that light tightness is also a disadvantage, but objectively it is only a characteristic of the material, which has no pros and cons.

Inserted staircases are manufactured with special forms or formwork, which are filled with concrete mortar using reinforcement technology. To ensure that the inserted staircase is of high quality, everything is important: the grade of concrete, the quality of concrete mixing, the grade and placement of reinforcement and drying technology. Errors lead to irreparable defects. A prefabricated staircase saves you from all such problems, as you obtain a ready-made staircase with a guarantee and simply insert it in the building on your own or ask the manufacturer to do so. Call us and get a free consultation!