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Entrance space

Entrance space Geos nordicAn entrance space creates a first impression of everything that is happening inside the building. It works for your image, so that the image would work for you later. An entrance space is a set of structures that create the composition of an entrance to the building and includes design of the following: an external staircase, a doorway, an awning (arch, canopy over the door), a marquise (protection from rain and sun), facade elements structurally linked with the doorway, and free architectural forms (sculptures, etc.).

Technically and in terms of design, all these elements should be developed together, in an integrated manner, to form a truly unified composition. Any materials can be used for their manufacture, but, first of all, it is granite and concrete, as they are least susceptible to climate changes, resistant to abrasion, have a monumental and noble appearance and are durable during active operation.

Design of an entrance space is, first of all, a designer solution. Second, it is a marketing one. Only then it is a construction one. Often, when developing an entrance, the customer addresses contractors exactly in this order: he looks for a designer idea, then he coordinates it with his marketing expert, and later he looks for a contractor for the manufacture and installation of the project. We have made this process much easier, because we cooperate with many architects and designers and are ready to offer the design of an entrance space on a turn-key basis. You just need to formulate your goals and objectives – we'll take care of everything else, call!