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Staircase with a platform

Staircase with a platform Geos NordicA staircase with a platform (landing) is a variant of a turn staircase, in which the turn is made not through winders, but through the connection of differently directed flights with a platform. This classic solution always fits perfectly into the interior and can be performed in any artistic style.

This version of a staircase has several advantages:

  • it is more compact than its flight relatives;
  • a platform helps people to comfortably pass by each other when walking in opposite directions;
  • a platform serves as a place for a short rest, if the assent along the staircase is physically difficult for a person with poor health or if heavy objects are lifted manually;
  • a platform's structural feature makes it possible to lift bulky and stiff objects to the upper floors.

Since a staircase with a platform structurally does not have any prohibitions and restrictions, as well as makes it possible to implement any plans from the design point of view, it is these models, which customers choose most often. In addition, models with a platform have another interesting benefit: they allow you to arrange convenient places for storing various things underneath. These can be open shelves or built-in cabinets with doors and drawers. Such design solutions are not only a fashion trend, but also people's desire for practicality – especially if it is a question of small spaces, for example, in a dacha, when it is necessary to realize the most comfortable habitat in a small space.

Our online calculator allows you to calculate price for the manufacture of a staircase with a platform. You can also just call us to consult on the issues of interest. Our experience, knowledge and production facilities are at your service.