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Winder staircase

Winder staircase Geos NordicWinder staircases are a type of turn staircases, in which design not platforms, but winders of a trapezoid shape are used for turns. As can be seen in the provided model, two differently directed sections of the staircase are connected by steps of non-standard dimensions. Depending on the specific situation, winder staircases can have 90 or 180 degree winder turns. 

This type of staircases has two undeniable advantages: first, they are ergonomic, i.e. they require less space compared to the more classical staircases, and second, they are more attractive from an aesthetic point of view. This type of staircases can be made of any material: metal, wood, concrete, natural granite, artificial marble or polymers. The most important thing in such a staircase that requires thorough study is the calculation of a winder's geometry. If you commit an error in this issue, then even the most beautiful, expensive and impeccably looking staircase will ruin your life. And that's why.

A winder staircase's disadvantages include its high traumatic danger and lesser convenience. The lack of a platform excludes the possibility to take a rest during the ascent and makes it difficult for people to walk in opposite directions simultaneously. In the event of an error in calculating a winder staircase, you can obtain an extremely inconvenient and dangerous item. The main principle in the calculation is that the width of straight step and winder should be approximately the same along the stairway line, i.e. along the line of the main ascent. Then you reduce the risks to a minimum.

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