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Metal staircase

Metal staircase Geos NordicFully metal staircases are rarely used indoors.

Exceptions may include variants of extravagant design or, if the staircase (ladder) has a strictly economic purpose, for example, fire escape. In other cases, metal staircase means a metal frame staircase, i.e. having a metal bearing structure. Such staircases are made of aluminum, black or stainless steel, with steps made of any decorative material: concrete, granite or other natural stone, wood, tile, glass or a combined version of several materials.

The undeniable advantages of metal staircases include high strength, durability, relatively low weight and the option to produce both stairway and spiral models.

The latter are especially relevant in conditions of limited space and can successfully solve the problem, if the space for passage from the lower to the upper floor has a strictly vertical orientation. In addition, staircases made of metal make it possible to select the type of a bearing structure and to construct it either on not boards or bolts, on ropes or strings. It is the democratic nature of metal that is the main cause why metal staircases are so popular.

However, if you are looking at metal staircases in a house or an apartment, then in terms of design, aesthetic appeal and a sense of comfort, we suggest you choose a staircase with steps made of granite, marble or wood. The natural materials will make your house noble and "warm", as people customary characterize coziness and pleasure from touching and using them.

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