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Fire escape staircase

Fire escape staircase Geos NordicA fire escape staircase (ladder) is a necessary part of any building, because its main purpose is to help firefighters reach the places of fire to fight the body of fire and rescue people if necessary. The availability of a fire escape staircase (ladder) on the house is one of the fire safety requirements, so failure to meet it might not only cause administrative penalties, but also be a real danger to people's lives.

Fire escape staircases (ladders) are made of metal and can have different designs: prefabricated, retractable, permanent, stairway, vertical, balcony and others. But in most cases they are united by one requirement – availability of a fence to improve safety of movement. Standards also specify the dimensions and method of fastening fire escape staircases (ladders) to a building. The width of this staircase should be at least 80 cm for a vertical ladder and at least 60 cm for a stairway. For permanent fire escape staircases, a manufacturing method of arc welding is prescribed.

If your house is not equipped with a fire escape staircase (ladder), write or call us. We will choose the appropriate option and manufacture it in compliance with all standards.