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Concrete staircases

Concrete staircases Geos NordicConcrete staircases are the most common solution. We see them everywhere: in the entrances to apartment buildings, in shopping centers, in private houses, on the streets as part of an entrance space to buildings and inside a variety of rooms, etc. Such popularity is accounted for by many factors, the main of which are high strength properties and the possibility of implementing any design idea. For staircases, concrete's rivals are wood, metal and composites, but none of them can withstand this competition, conceding in one way or another to concrete.

Only a staircase made of concrete allows imitating various coatings: faux marble or faux wood. Only it provides the necessary degree of slip resistance. Only concrete withstands cold and humidity. No material can compete with concrete's resistance to high loads and carrying capacity. Concrete has many decorative types, allowing a staircase to be not only strong, but also beautiful. Products made of concrete can be both modular and precast, so that they are convenient during transportation and installation.

Even in the case of spiral staircases, concrete staircases provide greater safety. In addition, a concrete staircase is not subject to loosening, drying up, corrosion; it is absolutely silent even after many years of operation.

The impeccable properties of a concrete staircase increases its value and, as a consequence, the price, in comparison to cheap structures. But remember: "A miser pays twice." Cheapness always leads to that after some time the staircase will require repair or restoration or, maybe, a replacement. Concrete staircases will not require this; so a higher price "at the start" will pay off in the long term. Sometimes we come across the opinion that such staircases are necessarily bulky and offer limited number of design solutions. A few decades ago this was the case. But today, in the process of technology development, we can create a concrete staircase visually so light that it will resemble a lacework.

Straight, stairway, spiral, vertical – concrete staircases can have any sophisticated architectural forms. Yes, they need a solid foundation, because they are quite heavy. But this "shortcoming" more than makes up for in safety, durability, practicality and beauty!

If we persuaded you to buy a concrete staircase, call us. And be sure to call if you still have doubts about which staircase to choose. We have been engaged in the manufacture of staircases for more than 20 years and know everything about them. Get a consultation or calculate your staircase with our free calculator.